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How to find the right karate suit

The term„Gi“ for a karate suit has it´s origin in the japanese term „Keikogi“, which is the japanese term for sweatsuit. The japanese term of karate suit, especially fot karate is Dogi. This has changed above all in the european countries in for example Karate-Gi and therefore in it´s short form Gi. Normally it consists of a jacket (Uwagi), trousers (Zubon) and a belt (Obi). The cuts and materials can vary in ervery discipline. As a general rule cotton materials are used, but there are also lighter suits made out of mixture. The material is indicated in ounces per square metre.One ounce (OZ) are about 33,9 g per square metre.

Karate suits are mostly available in three different cuts.

traditional cut

Karate suits with this cut have sleeves that rich to the wrists and trouser legs that end at the ankles. Normally these suits are made out of cotton or mixture with a high share of cotton.

Kata cut

The sleeves of the jacket are shorter and only reach to the middle of the forearm. The trouser legs are also shorter and end about at the middle of the calf, but the jacket is longer and almost reaches the knee.

Kumite cut

These karate suits have sleeves that reach to the the wrist and trouser legs that reach to the ankle. Mostly they´re made out of mixture with a high share of polyester and only a little share of cotton. That´s the reason why the suit is "light" and it´s possible to move fast.

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